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Kelowna Skating Club made a huge impact at the Okanagan Interclub competition

Twenty local skaters returned home with 19 medals from the event held at Kamloops over the weekend.

Leading the way for the Kelowna team was 10-year- old Megan Yudin, with a trio of gold medals. After scoring a personal best 25.43 to win Pre-Juvenile Women, she followed with winning the Open Elements and Creative Level 3 events.

Her club mate, Gabrielle Jugnauth, won a pair of silver medals in Pre-Juvenile Women and Creative Level 3, respectively. Veronica Jurska and Paige Edgar did likewise, with Jurska finding the silver lining in Star 4 Women and Star 4 Elements divisions, while Edgar struck silver in Juvenile Women and Open Elements. Nine-year- old Calissa Adlem also won a pair of medals, collecting a silver medal in Star 5 Girls under 10 and bronze in Star 6 Elements.

Meanwhile, at the Juvenile Women’s level, Kelowna’s Ava Sanderson captured the gold medal with a personal best score of 28.9 points. Ariana Rose had a personal best score of 21.84 points, clinching the victory in the Star 5 Girls under 10 division.

Marina Land also struck gold, doing so in group 2 of Star 4 Girls under 13. Rounding out the medal haul were Jacqueline Baliski (silver, Star 4 Girls under 13 group 2), Payton Bannerman (silver, Star 4 Elements), Katie Jones (bronze, Juvenile Women), Sarah Mullins (bronze, Pre-Juvenile Women), and Sophie Sanderson (bronze, Star 5 Girls under 10).

Lauren Viau won a gold medal in Bronze Interpretive division.

Here are the full results: Juvenile Women: Ava Sanderson 1st ; Paige Edgar 2nd ; Katie Jones 3rd ; Mackenzie Nelmes 4th Pre-Juvenile Women: Megan Yudin 1st ; Gabrielle Jugnauth 2nd ; Sarah Mullins 3rd ; Konstantina Lock 5th Star 6 Women: Madison Land 4th ; Lauren Viau 5th ; Jenna Penner 9th Star 5 Girls under 10: Ariana Rose 1st ; Calissa Adlem 2nd ; Sophie Sanderson 3rd ; Christiana Lock 4th Star 4 Girls under 13 group 1: Jacqueline Baliski 2nd ; Payton Bannerman 5th Star 4 Girls under 13 group 2: Marina Land 1st ; Veronica Jurska 2nd

Open Elements: Megan Yudin 1st ; Paige Edgar 2nd ; Gabrielle Jugnauth 4th ; Mackenzie Nelmes 5th Star 4 Elements: Veronica Jurska 2nd ; Payton Bannerman 2nd ; Jacqueline Baliski 9th

Star 6 Elements: Calissa Adlem 3rd Star 2 Elements: Justine Labonte 10th Creative 3: Megan Yudin 1st ; Gabrielle Jugnauth 2nd Lauren Viau won a gold medal in Bronze Interpretive division.

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