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Kelowna Skating Club finishes strong at Super Series in Kamloops

The Kelowna Skating Club made tremendous strides at the Super Series Autumn Leaves Interclub in Kamloops this past weekend. The event featured top skaters throughout the province and Alberta. Altogether, 30 members of the skating club left Kamloops with seven medals including four gold medal wins.

Kelowna’s Ava Sanderson scored a personal best of 28.54 points to win the Juvenile Women Under 14 division. She also took home a silver medal in the Star 9 Women’s event! Olivia Gran, 15-years-old, dominated the senior level by winning both segments of the women’s event by scoring a total of 152.12 points.

In the Juvenile Women Under 12 division, Megan Yudin, 11-years-old, won gold with a personal best score of 32.98 points! Teammates Gabrielle Jugnauth and Konstantina Lock finished third and fourth respectively.

Emily Sales won both segments and the gold medal in Group 2 of Pre-Novice Women, while 10-year-old Calissa Adlem finished with bronze in Group 2 Pre-Juvenile Women under 11.

Here is a complete list of the weekend's results:

Senior Women: Olivia Gran 1st

  • Junior Women: Emma Bulawka 4th

  • Novice Women: Vienna Harwood 4th; Ashley Sales 5th; Olivia Levesque 8th; Abby Bulawka 11th; Mikayla Kramer 12th

  • Pre-Novice Women group 1: Kiera Atkins 8th; Aurora Schultz 12th; Mackenzie Nelmes 13th

  • Pre-Novice Women group 2: Emily Sales 1st; Paige Edgar 15th; Katie Jones 17th

  • Pre-Novice Women group 3: Gwenyth Preston 5th; Malayna Lesko 6th

  • Juvenile Women under 14: Ava Sanderson 1st; Sarah Mullins 8th

  • Juvenile Women under 12: Megan Yudin 1st; Gabrielle Jugnauth3rd; Konstantina Lock 4th

  • Pre-Juvenile Women under 11 group 1: Ariana Rose 5th; Sophie Sanderson 9th

  • Pre-Juvenile Women under 11 group 2: Calissa Adlem 3rd

  • Star 9 Women: Ava Sanderson 2nd ; Aysia Morgan 7th

  • Star 5 Women under 10: Christiana Lock 4th

  • Star 5 Women under 13 group 1: Payton Bannerman 10th

  • Star 5 Women under 13 group 2: Marina Land 7th ; Mary Olsvik 12th

  • Star 4 Girls under 10 group 2: Amy Kim 4th

  • Star 4 Girls under 13 group 2: Amelia Ponte 7th

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