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Kelowna Skating Club wins 20 medals at 2018 Okanagan Interclub Competition

The Kelowna Skating Club had an outstanding showing at the 2018 Okanagan Interclub competition at the Mt. Boucherie Recreation Complex last week.

A total of 18 local skaters competed and captured 20 medals which included seven of the gold variety.

Two of the largest highlights from the competition came from the juvenile and pre-juvenile divisions, as two trios of Kelowna skaters swept the podium.

In the juvenile, Megan Yudin led the charge with a personal best score of 35.96, followed by Gabrielle Jugnauth and Ava Sanderson who came second and third respectively. The pre-juvenile saw 10-year-old Ariana Rose strike gold with a score of 29.39 while Sophie Sanderson came second and Calissa Adlem came third.

The local team's Star 9s and Star 10s also came to play as they swept their respective podiums. Ava Sanderson won gold at the Star 9 while Paige Edgar finished in first at Star 10.

Shown below is the full list of results for the Kelowna Skating Club:

  • STAR 4 u13: Amy Kim 5th; Amelia Ponte 5th (tie)

  • STAR 5 u13: Christiana Lock 1st; Marina Land 3rd; Payton Bannerman 5th; Mary Olsvik 12th

  • STAR 9: Ava Sanderson 1st; Aurora Schultz 2nd; Katie Jones 3rd; Paige Edgar 4th; Aysia Morgan 11th

  • STAR 10: Paige Edgar 1st; Katie Jones 2nd; Aurora Schultz 3rd

  • Pre-Juvenile: Ariana Rose 1st; Sophie Sanderson 2nd; Calissa Adlem 3rd

  • Juvenile: Megan Yudin 1st; Gabrielle Jugnauth 2nd; Ava Sanderson 3rd; Konstantina Lock 4th; Sarah Mullins 6th

  • STAR 5 Elements: Christiana Lock 3rd; Payton Bannerman 4th

  • Open Elements: Megan Yudin 1st; Konstantina Lock 2nd

  • Creative Improv 3: Megan Yudin 1st; Konstantina Lock 2nd; Calissa Adlem 3rd

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