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2023 Super Series Final Volunteering

The Kelowna Skating Club is very excited to host the B.C. Super Series Final Competition March 10-12!  Please use the link below to sign up to volunteer for various positions throughout the competition.  Complete your required 10 hours of volunteering in a fun and exciting environment.  It's a great way to do something fun with your kids and support the skaters of the KSC.  Please read the attached poster that outlines the various positions available to volunteer and use the link below to sign up.


The Kelowna Skating Club is a non-profit organization. In order to enhance our skater's experience and keep registration fees low, the club requires parents of Star 1 and higher skaters to volunteer their time in various ways, throughout the year.  As our club begins to organize more events for our skaters after a long hiatus we are returning to our volunteer hour commitment.   For the fall/winter season the KSC will reduce the requirement of volunteer hours between September and March to a total of 10 per family instead of 20.  

Each volunteer hour is worth $15.  Prior to the Registration of each session, payment is required of $15 for each hour that is not fulfilled.  For example, if you fulfilled 8 of our required 10 parent participation hours during the season, you would be required to submit $30 prior to registering for the spring session.   If there are questions or concerns about volunteer hours please email and Karen Mongrain or Sandy Tidy will be able to help.

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