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Whether a recreational figure skater seeking to enjoy skating as a pastime, or an elite athlete aiming to reach the podium, the Kelowna Skating Club/BMO Kelowna Centre for Skating Excellence strives to provide the coaching and programs to help every individual achieve his or her full potential.The KSC/BMOCSE provides a systematic and thorough approach to developing athletes. From the high calibre coaching to challenging classes, and effective tools (including harnesses and Dartfish technology) to an energetic atmosphere, our program covers the bases for skaters at all levels, year-round.


The curriculum includes on-ice group lessons focused on power stroking, edge and turn development, transitional movement, as well as element technique. In the interest of preparing our skaters for the physical, technical, and performance demands of competitive figure skating, the program also includes off-ice classes focusing on jumping technique, balance, agility, flexibility, and dance.

Recognized as one of the top-producing training centres of BC and Western Canada, the KSC/BMOCSE has been the proud home of 6 National Medallists, 2 Junior National Team members, an ISU Junior Grand Prix competitor, and numerous Provincial Champions over the past 5 years.

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At this level, skaters begin to work on the various Skate Canada StarSkate tests, as well as enter competitions if t hey so choose. Most skaters will be at this level for 2-3 years, so it is not uncommon for some skaters to be landing axels and working on double jumps. It is required that all skaters at this level and up have an assigned Base Coach.


At this level, skaters have passed at least their Star 1-4 Freeskate tests, and can generally land at least an axel. Skaters on this session are continuing to participate in both tests and competitions. It is not uncommon for skaters on this session to be landing up to and including the double lutz.


At this level, skaters have passed at least the Star 5 Freeskate test. Skaters at this level are striving to achieve success in competitions at the Provincial level and beyond. They can generally land up to and including the double lutz, and it is not uncommon for some to be landing the double axel and be working on triple jumps.


At this level, skaters have passed the GOLD Freeskate Test and/or be a National level competitor. Many skaters on this session have achieved success at a Provincial and National level, and are aspiring to represent Canada internationally. They can generally land the double axel and triple jumps, and it is expected that the work ethic be of the highest standard at this level.

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