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Kelowna Skating Club cleans up in Penticton

The Kelowna Skating Club was in Penticton over the weekend for the Okanagan Region Championships.

There were 24 skaters from Kelowna who returned home with a total of 31 medals.

Vienna Harwood, 11, earned three medals with wins in the Novice Women Short and Gold Elements events, as well as a second place finish in the Novice Women Free event.

Kira Koffler managed to bring home a pair of gold medals as well, one in the Juvenille Women under 12 event and the other in the Star 9-10 Elements event.

Olivia Trampugh also picked up a gold medal in the Gold Women’s division and added a bronze medal in Gold Elements.

Kelowna skaters managed a pair of podium sweeps on the weekend as well.

The first was by Megan Yudin, Konstantina Lock and Gabrielle Jugnauth in the Star 5 Women under 10.

The other was in the Star 7-8 Elements event as Aurora Schultz, Mackenzie Nelmes and Paige Edgar finished first through third.

Daria Carr, the reigning Canadian Pre-Novice Champion, won the Novice Women’s Free division with 64.77 points.

Meanwhile, Calissa Adlem earned gold in the Star 4 Elements event and Lauren Viau won a pair of bronze medals in the Star 5 Women under 13 and Star 5 Elements events.

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