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Kim's golden glide leads KSC at Super Series

Kelowna Skating Club athletes won eight medals in Surrey at the BC Super Series Victoria Day event over the long weekend.

A highlight of the weekend occurred in the Star 4 Girls under 10 division, as Kelowna's Amy Kim struck gold. It is the first gold-medal win for the 9-year-old skater.

In the Star 4 Boys event, Kelowna's Ollie Zhang skated a strong performance to win the silver medal.

At the junior level, Ashley Sales won the silver medal in the short program, followed by Daria Carr with the bronze medal win.

Carr, 15, added a silver medal in the free program, followed by Vienna Harwood with the bronze.

Meanwhile, at the senior level, Kelowna's Emma Bulawka won a pair of bronze medals in the short and free program divisions.

The Victoria Day event was the first Super Series event of the season, with two more to follow, leading into the provincial championships.

Here are the full results:

Star 4 Girls U10 Group 3: Amy Kim 1st

Star 4 Girls U13 Group 1: Justine Labonte 4th; Abbey McTavish 7th

Star 4 Girls 13 and over Group 1: Faith Olivier 10th

Star 4 Boys: Ollie Zhang 2nd

Star 5 Women U13 Group 2: Amelia Ponte 6th

Pre-Juvenile Women u11 Group 1: Christiana Lock 8th

Juvenile Women U12 Group 1: Ariana Rose 5th

Juvenile Women U12 Group 2: Calissa Adlem 6th; Sophie Sanderson 7th

Juvenile Women U14: Sarah Mullins 7th

Pre-Novice Women Group 1: Paige Edgar 10th; Megan Yudin 12th; Gabrielle Jugnauth 13th; Katie Jones 17th

Pre-Novice Women Group 2: Konstantina Lock 5th; Aurora Schultz 9th; Ava Sanderson 11th; Mackenzie Nelmes 18th

Novice Women Short Program: Malayna Lesko 4th; Emily Sales 6th; Gwenyth Preston 8th; Abby Bulawka 10th

Novice Women Free Program: Malayna Lesko 5th; Emily Sales 7th; Abby Bulawka 12th; Gwenyth Preston 14th

Junior Women Short Program: Ashley Sales 2nd; Daria Carr 3rd; Vienna Harwood 8th; Mikayla Kramer 10th

Junior Women Free Program: Daria Carr 2nd; Vienna Harwood 3rd; Ashley Sales 8th; Mikayla Kramer 10th

Senior Women Short Program: Emma Bulawka 3rd; Olivia Gran 4th

Senior Women Free Program: Emma Bulawka 3rd; Olivia Gran 4th

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