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Olivia Gran skates to second place for Canada

Olivia Gran skated her way to second place at the 2017 Challenge Cup in the Netherlands.

Gran and Emma Bulawka represented the Kelowna Skating Club at the 2017 Challenge Cup last week.

“Olivia Gran and Emma Bulawka, both members of the Kelowna Skating Club, were selected to represent Canada based on their performances over the season,” said Jason Mongrain, Kelowna Skating Club director.

The young women traveled to The Hague, Netherlands and skated alongside the top skaters from North America and Europe.

"Olivia’s free program was arguably the best of the season, and it is extra special to see a performance like that on an international stage," said Mongrain.

Gran, a 13-year-old Okanagan Mission Secondary School student won in her free program where she landed six triple jumps. She placed second overall.

“Her total score of 147.43 would leave her in second place, just over a point shy of winner Emmy Ma of the USA,” said Mongrain.

Bulawka, a 13-year-old Aberdeen Hall student placed fifth overall. This was her first time competing at an international level.

"They both responded well, and were very motivated to represent themselves and their country to the best of their abilities," said Mongrain.

Bulawka is the current Canadian Novice Women’s silver medalist.

"They both showed a lot of poise in rising to this challenge, and the future looks very bright in terms of getting more international opportunities," said Mongrain.

Next week, the Kelowna Skating Club is hosting the BC Super Series StarSkate Final.

It runs from March 3rd to the fifth at the Capital News Centre.

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