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Kelowna skaters collect hardware in Surrey - Seven medals for KSC athletes at Super Series Victori

The Kelowna Skating Club had a successful weekend at the Super Series Victoria Day figure skating competition, returning home with seven medals.

Twenty-three local skaters traveled to Surrey for what was their first competition of the season.

The highlight of the weekend occurred in the Star 5 Girls under 10 event, as Kelowna’s Megan Yudin skated a clean program to earn 19.89 points and the gold medal. Her club mate, Konstantina Lock, also had a clean performance to win the bronze medal.

Meanwhile, 13-year-old Daria Carr finished second in the short program and first in the free program, finishing second overall in novice women. Her training mate, Mikayla Kramer, won bronze.

At the Junior Women’s level, Kelowna’s Emma Bulawka won the bronze medal in the short program event, and followed with a silver medal win in the free program event.

At the Pre-Novice Women’s level, 11-year-old Emily Sales skated two clean performances to win the bronze medal in group 2.

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