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Kelowna Skating Club has success at Super Series SummerSkate 2017

The Kelowna Skating Club won eight medals this past weekend at the Super Series BC and Yukon Summerskate competition held in Burnaby.

29 of Kelowna’s young athletes traveled to participate in the competition.

Left to right: Megan Yudin, Gabrielle Jugnauth, and Konstantina Lock.

One of the weekend’s highlights occurred within group 2 of STAR 5 Women under 10.

Nine-year-old Gabrielle Jugnauth achieved a personal best score of 21.87, helping her seize the gold. Megan Yudin and Konstantina Lock won the silver and bronze medals, helping Kelowna to sweep the podium.

Congratulations to all the athletes!

Here is the full list of results:

Senior Dance: Haley Sales and Nik Wamsteeker 1st

Junior Women: Emma Bulawka 4th

Novice Women group 1: Daria Carr 1st; Olivia Levesque 9th

Novice Women group 2: Mikayla Kramer 2nd; Ashley Sales 3rd; Vienna Harwood 4th

Pre-Novice Women group 1: Brooklyn Cowen 10th; Kiera Atkins 14th

Pre-Novice Women group 2: Kira Koffler 11th

Pre-Novice Women group 3: Madeline Foley 13th

Pre-Novice Women group 4: Emily Sales 4th; Abby Bulawka 7th

Juvenile Women under 12: Mackenzie Nelmes 6th

Juvenile Women under 14 group 1: Ava Sanderson 9th; Aurora Schultz 10th

Juvenile Women under 14 group 2: Paige Edgar 5th; Katie Jones 6th

Pre-Juvenile Women under 13: Sarah Mullins 5th

STAR 5 Women under 10 group 1: Ariana Rose 2nd; Calissa Adlem 6th

STAR 5 Women under 10 group 2: Gabrielle Jugnauth 1st; Megan Yudin 2nd; Konstantina Lock 3rd; Sophie

Sanderson 6th

STAR 4 Women under 10 group 1: Christiana Lock 3rd

STAR 4 Women under 10 group 2: Payton Bannerman 14th

STAR 4 Women under 13 group 1: Jacqueline Baliski 14th

STAR 4 Women under 13 group 2: Veronica Jurska 14th

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